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  • Rhipsalis Baccifera 'Oasis'

    Common name(s): Mistletoe Cactus, Spaghetti Cactus Family: Cactaceae Genus: Rhipsalis Cultivar: Horrida Origin: Central and South America  Edit...
  • Begonia Tamaya

    Common name(s): Bamboo Begonia

    Family: Begoniaceae

    Genus: Begonia

    Cultivar: Tamaya

  • Begonia Masoniana

    Family: Begoniaceae

    Genus: Begonia

    Cultivar: Masoniana

  • Begonia Maculata

    Family: Begoniaceae

    Genus: Begonia

    Cultivar: Maculata

  • Begonia Fem

    Common name(s): Begonia Rex Family: Begoniaceae Genus: Begonia Cultivar: Fem Origin: South America / Asia Edith's thoughts A rare beauty, Fem s...
  • Begonia Evy

    Common name(s): Begonia Rex Family: Begoniaceae Genus: Begonia Cultivar: Evy Origin: South America / Asia Edith's thoughts A rare beauty, Evy d...
  • Alocasia Pink Dragon

    Common name(s): Elephant  Ears Pink Dragon, Alocasia Calidora, Baginda Pink Dragon Family: Araceae Genus: Alocasia Cultivar: Pink Dragon Origin...
  • Alocasia Polly

    Common name(s): African Mask, Alocasia x Amazonica Family: Araceae Genus: Alocasia Cultivar: Polly Origin: Southeast Asia Edith's thoughts This...
  • Alocasia Stingray

    Common name(s): Elephant Ear Stingray Family: Araceae Genus: Alocasia Cultivar: Stingray Origin: Southeast Asia Edith's thoughts This rare ever...
  • Alocasia Zebrina

    Common name(s): Elephant Ear Family: Araceae Genus: Alocasia Cultivar: Zebrina Origin: Southeast Asia Thoughts from Edith While this is a flowe...