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Begonia Tamaya

Common name(s): Bamboo Begonia

Family: Begoniaceae

Genus: Begonia

Cultivar: Tamaya

Origin: Mexico

Edith's thoughts

These beautiful and rare foliage plants offer an abundance of flowers annually, make sure to keep on top of pruning and fertiliser if you want to keep them glorious.


Begonias are originally tropical forest floor dwelling plants that don't want to be sat in soggy soil or have continuously wet leaves as these can lead to rot. These plant like it to be slightly moist so allow the top inch or two of soil to dry out before watering again. This house plant will benefit from bottom watering to help prevent potential stem rot.



The Begonia Tamaya likes to be fed every third / fourth watering - monthly during spring - autumn, it requires a 1/2 strength balanced fertiliser. Only move up to full strength fertilizer if no change is exhibited after 3 full months.

Light intensity

This plant is happy in partial shade and bright indirect light. Avoid putting near South-facing windows or heating appliances to avoid any scorching situations.

Substrate & pH

These plants like a well draining soil such as <Edie's Mix - Well Draining> and are most at home in acidic to neutral soil (5.5 - 7.0 pH).

Ideal temperature & humidity

Begonia Tamaya are from a temperate environment so are perfectly happy in the comfort of your home 15°c - 24°c. These love a humid environment about 60% or above, daily misting placing these in a bathroom will aid these plants to look their best.


Pruning & repotting

These guys love to be root-bound so you only need repotting every 2 - 3 years to reinforce your Tamaya. When repotting, it's best to use a flower soil mixture, or a mixture of soil and leaves. Maintenance pruning annually during spring or summer - the best seasons for pruning, will keep your plant looking gorgeous. For maintenance pruning, pinch or cut off each new branch at the tip after it has sprouted two or three leaves.


Take a stem cutting during winter when the plant is less active, snip off a branch that has not born flowers just after a bud. Remove the lower leaves, dip the stem in some <Clonex> coating the exposed flesh and put the stem in water until roots appear, roots should appear in a few weeks. Then plant into a soil mix such as <Edith's potting soil>.


Pests & diseases

Keeping good air circulation around the plant will help prevent <powdery mildew>, trimming affected leaves off and use of <fungicide> can help treat the issue. The bugs Associated pests can include <mealybugs>, <vine weevil> <thrips> & <aphids>, in the event of encountering any of these issues early detection and treatment can help. Products that can help with these problems include <insert product(s)>.



Begonia Tamaya are poisonous, the plant contains sharp edged calcium oxalate crystals which when ingested can cause swelling and irritation of your mouth and gastrointestinal tract. So it's best kept out of reach of children and pets.

Variety: Evergreen perennial, rhizomatous
Flower colour: Pink
Flowering period: Summer
Fragrant: No
Mature length/height: Up to / around 50cm
Mature spread: Up to / around 50cm
Time to maturity: 5 Years +
Growth rate: Medium