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Rhipsalis Baccifera 'Oasis'

Common name(s): Mistletoe Cactus, Spaghetti Cactus

Family: Cactaceae

Genus: Rhipsalis

Cultivar: Horrida

Origin: Central and South America 

Edith's thoughts

This beautiful hanging cactus is the largest and most-widely distributed genus of the epiphytic cacti family. It bloom throughout the year regularly churning out delicate silvery/white flowers to add a touch of sparkle to your home.


Rhipsalis Bacciferam are fnative to rainforests and enjoy moist subsoil, water once the top layer is dry during spring and summer to keep them happy. Reducing water over the non-growth periods to prevent shrivelling leaves will promote healthy blossoming in spring.



In order to facilitate vigorous growth and promote blossom regular feeding every third or fourth water (monthly) during spring - autumn will keep these plant growing nicely. Do not fertilise during dormant season.

 Light intensity

This plant is happiest in bright indirect light.

Substrate & pH

These plants like a sharp, well-draining soil and feel most at home in a a slightly acidic soil (5.5 - 6.9 pH).

Ideal temperature & humidity

Coming from a tropical rainforest environment these plant like it warm, they're quite at home - your home. However they do like it slightly humid so a tickle with a water spray every couple days will make them feel right at home.


Pruning & repotting

Prune to maintain size removing any dead foliage.. Repot every few years to refresh soil and increase the size of the pot accordingly as it grows.


The Rhipsalis Baccifera is best propagated by stem cuttings when it is in periods of active growth. 


Pests & diseases

The only real threat to these plants are Mealy bugs which can be resolved products such as <insert product(s)> can help resolve these issues.



Rhipsalis Baccifera are non-toxic to both animals and humans.

Variety: Epiphyte
Flower colour: Yellow, Silver
Flowering period: Abundantly in Spring/Summer
Fragrant: No 
Mature length/height: Up to 20ft
Mature spread: up to 50cm
Time to maturity: 5 years 
Growth rate: Slow