Perfectly packaged plants with fast delivery📦✊ Love and care given to every plant 🌱💚

At Edith's we want to help promote well-being and productivity within your workplace.

By utilising the scientifically proven benefits of bringing the outside in, we at Edith's are able to integrate plants into your workspace design, providing a key part of keeping a healthy and productive environment while bringing interiors to life.

Transforming your workspace landscape will help maintain your acoustic environment, humidity and air quality. Your plants will also support cognitive function by increasing mental wellbeing, mood, productivity, concentration and the creativity of you & your workforce. Read our plants at work page to learn more.

Edith's offer a number of different options to suit your business.

Whether your just after a single plant or one hundred plants. Perhaps you want to hire some foliage for a one off event or require an ongoing maintenance contract Edith's have got you covered. We can customise an option that suits your business needs.

We're keen to serve you. Get in touch to discuss your needs.