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A happy and healthy environment in the workplace is key to a productive workforce.

Various studies have proven the benefits of keeping plants like Aloe Vera in the workplace.

Office Space

The benefits of having greenery in your office are manifold. Numerous scientific studies have proven the benefits of having indoor plants in your office and the spaces we inhabit.

A relatively small change to your working environment can increase productivity, happiness and wellbeing as well as improve acoustics, humidity levels and air-quality.

Get the most out of your staff. Edith's are able to tailor options to suit the needs of your workspace. We can also provide you with maintenance services to suit your needs.

Contact us to find a solution that meets your workspace needs.

House plants enhance aesthetic for you, your staff and prospective clients.

Plants such as Peace Lily help maintain a healthy environment and bring interiors to life.


Whether your operating trendy wine bars, cafés, restaurants or upscale hotels, these businesses are all greatly enhanced with the addition of flora, crucial to create the right atmosphere & improve brand identity when used both indoors and outside.

We know how vital it is to any hospitality business to create the right atmosphere. Our experts can help you enhance your environment, increasing satisfaction for your customers with our range of habitat-enhancing foliage & beautiful plant pots.

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Edith's offers bespoke low maintenance options and décor suitable for every space.

We can offer your business anything from a plant to full provision & maintenance contracts to suit.

Professional Agents

If you work in a customer facing office such a an estate agents, accountant or mortgage advisors. We can help enhance your indoor habitat to help promote wellbeing, cognitive function, mood & focus with air purifiers like snake plants.

Additionally if you're in charge of property management we can offer a bespoke dressing service for block properties. We can also provide temporary solutions to dress a property ready for sale or lease, helping your property stand out from the crowd.

Contact us to discuss bespoke solutions, including temporary dressing to full provision & maintenance options.

Keen on helping prevent sick building syndrome? Yep it is a real thing!

Surgeries and GP Practices

The idea of visiting the dentist or GP can be anxiety conducing for some. Help your patients by providing a welcoming & calming environment.

The benefits of having plants are relative to wellness, peace and permanence. Nature calls to something very deep insides all of us. Biophilia is a love of nature and all living things which is an essential part of the human condition. It is more than just a philosophy - biophilic design has been found to support physical health as well as cognitive function.

Edith's can help create an anxiety reducing environment. Contact us to discuss bespoke options to suit.

Let our house plant experts take the stress out of enhancing your workplace.

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