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Housing an alphabetically ordered list of well known, less well known and frankly unheard of house plants that we at Edith's have come across and many we haven't, all for your delectation and knowledge. We at Edith's relish providing this resource as much as we enjoy writing and learning about the wonderous diversity our planet has to offer. Our small team will be continuously updating this list with new plants so the list is far from complete. If there's a particular plant you'd like to see added to our list, feel free to contact us and let us know!

Alocasia Pink Dragon

Common name(s): Elephant  Ears Pink Dragon, Alocasia Calidora, Baginda Pink Dragon Family: Araceae Genus: Alocasia Cultivar: Pink Dragon Origin...

Alocasia Polly

Common name(s): African Mask, Alocasia x Amazonica Family: Araceae Genus: Alocasia Cultivar: Polly Origin: Southeast Asia Edith's thoughts This...

Alocasia Stingray

Common name(s): Elephant Ear Stingray Family: Araceae Genus: Alocasia Cultivar: Stingray Origin: Southeast Asia Edith's thoughts This rare ever...

Alocasia Zebrina

Common name(s): Elephant Ear Family: Araceae Genus: Alocasia Cultivar: Zebrina Origin: Southeast Asia Thoughts from Edith While this is a flowe...

Begonia Evy

Common name(s): Begonia Rex Family: Begoniaceae Genus: Begonia Cultivar: Evy Origin: South America / Asia Edith's thoughts A rare beauty, Evy d...

Begonia Fem

Common name(s): Begonia Rex Family: Begoniaceae Genus: Begonia Cultivar: Fem Origin: South America / Asia Edith's thoughts A rare beauty, Fem s...

Begonia Maculata

Family: Begoniaceae

Genus: Begonia

Cultivar: Maculata

Begonia Masoniana

Family: Begoniaceae

Genus: Begonia

Cultivar: Masoniana

Begonia Tamaya

Common name(s): Bamboo Begonia

Family: Begoniaceae

Genus: Begonia

Cultivar: Tamaya