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Calathea Whitestar
Calathea Whitestar
Calathea Whitestar
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Calathea Whitestar

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   90cm height/length 19cm pot
Air purifier
   Easy Care

The trusty Calathea is often regarded as essential to anyone's collection. There are currently around 60 types of Calathea, with the major difference between them being how stunning the different foliages are. 

Calatheas are also known as 'Prayer Plants', due to the activity of the leaves folding up at night, and opening up again for the sun in the morning (a process known as 'Nyctinasty'). They have long been a favourite of houseplant aficionados and newcomers alike because of their incredible leaf patterns and relative ease of care. They like bright, indirect light and humidity, so giving them a misting a day or making a 'humidity tray' will help them thrive. Calatheas also have an ‘early warning system’ as their leaves react quickly to any problems, making them ideal for someone learning how to maintain their houseplants.

Since Calatheas come in a variety of patterns, shapes, and sizes, they make an ideal addition to any home or as a gift for someone's collection. 

Plant care
I like to keep slightly moist - Water me when the top 2 inches of my soil is dry.
I like a regular feed - Monthly between April - October.
My roots like to breathe too - Well draining soil suits me best.
I like a temperate climate - 15°c - 24°c.
A bit of humidity suits me well - A spray a day is great.
I like bright indirect sunlight but am shade tolerant.
 About me 
Origin: Brazil
Family: Marantaceae
Mature length/height: Up to / around 50 cm tall.
Mature spread: Up to / around 50 cm spread.
Time to maturity: Up to 5 years.
Growth rate: Average rate of growth.
Flowering period: Rarely blooms indoors.
Flower colour: Yellow