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Chlorophytum comosum 'Lemon'- Lemon Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum 'Lemon'- Lemon Spider Plant

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   25cm height 12cm pot
Air purifier
Non toxic
   Easy Care

The Chlorophytum comosum 'Lemon' spider plant,  is a relatively new spider plant.  The spider plant is known for its distinctive long green leaves with a white stripe running along them, the stunning lemon spider plant adds a fresh twist with zingy lemon-green coloured leaves. This plant still grows white flowers that still produces ‘spider babies’, that are easy to propagate to create more plants, which are particularly good as gifts to friends and family.

This hardy, fast growing plant from the Southern regions of Africa is able to tolerate both drier humidity levels and low winter temperatures, although a misting can help the plant thrive. The Spider Plant likes to keep moist, although much less watering is required in Winter. Bottom watering this plant will help prevent water from getting caught in the leaves and causing problems. 

Plant care
I like to keep slightly moist - Water me when the top 2 inches of my soil is dry.
I like a regular feed - Monthly between April - October.
My roots like to breathe too - Well draining soil suits me best.
I like a temperate climate - 15°c - 24°c.
I'm quite content in your home environment - Average humidity (40 - 50%).
I can tolerate some direct sunlight.
 About me 
Origin: South Africa
Family: Anthericaceae
Mature length/height: Up to / around 50 cm tall.
Mature spread: Up to / around 50 cm spread.
Time to maturity: 5 years +
Growth rate: Fast rate of growth.
Flowering period: I can bloom year round.
Flower colour: White flowers on long stems.